Christian Thomas

Program Manager
Christian joined FWI as a Program Manager two years ago having worked in the fashion industry for 5 years at a leading PR agency.

What is your favorite travel memory?

I have been really lucky and travelled to each of our program destinations to get a real feel for what our interns can expect, but my favorite travel memory has to be being backstage at NYFW in 2014, and suddenly realizing amongst the chaos, that we work in the most amazing, crazy, creative, and mad industry in the world!

Which destination is most underrated? Conversely, which is most overrated?

For me Goa is the most underrated destination in the world. It is so naturally beautiful and peaceful, and the people are so welcoming but it still has a reputation as a bit of a hippy or party place, which I didn't see at all.

I think Las Vegas is the most overrated destination that I have travelled to, having said that, when I first went as a starry-eyed 20-year old, it was heaven!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

Hard work, making sure that we deliver the best experience for each and every applicant, knowing that success is in the details, and having fun!

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I have learnt so much, been able to enjoy some great experiences, and have learnt how important and valuable the work that we do is, always feel great when one of the interns gets back in touch to tell us that they have secured an industry job thanks to taking part in one of our programs, or when I get an email telling me that they have had a great experience.

What unique qualities does your company possess?

We have amazing relationships with the widest range of industry partners that you can imagine, and are really proud of them.

All of our team has a fashion background and so we really understand the importance of making sure that each program really makes a difference to each applicants career, whether that be through them gaining great experience, opening their eyes to how the industry works, or helping them to develop their network of industry contacts.

Describe a time when you felt especially proud to be part of your current team.

We received an application a couple of months ago, from a young lady who was arriving into London the next day and really really wanted to see how London Fashion Week worked.

She kept calling to see if we had received her application and to find out when we could interview her, and so we found time to do it the same day.

She was so passionate about the industry, and didn't know when she would be able to travel to London again, and so we agreed to accept her application and do our best to place her with one of our partners.

We ended up working until almost 10pm putting in calls, until we got a confirmation that she could start at one of our Designer partners the next day.

The day after she finished her program we got an email from the company telling us that she had been amazing, and that they were literally overwhelmed by how dedicated and hard-working she was. The same day I got an email full of photos from the young lady, showing her working at the shows, backstage with the models, and working on the dresses. She literally had had the most amazing experience, and was so grateful to have had the opportunity, which is the best feeling you can have knowing that you have helped someone realize their dream!