Lacey Corbin

Why did you decide to study abroad with API in Westminster, England?

Lacey: I knew from the beginning that I wanted to study in London. Coming from a small town in Texas, I wanted that big city experience and it didn't hurt that they spoke the same language. I went to the Study Abroad advisor at my school who gave me several pamphlets on the different programs London.

Once I sat down and looked at the price, what was included, the living situations, and course offerings, I knew that API Westminster was the program for me. The price was right, several outings were included, private dorm rooms were provided, and they had classes centered on the London experience.

Lacey in front of Big Ben and British Parliament

What made studying abroad a unique and special experience?

Lacey: My situation from the beginning was unique. I was not your traditional study abroad student. I was 21, at the end of my college experience (I graduated at the end of my next semester) and married. A lot of people thought I was crazy to go abroad, but it was my dream. API Westminster made the pieces work together so that my dream could come true.

Being at the end of my degree there really wasn’t a lot of classes left for me to take so I had to pick a class that would meet upper level requirements. I found the perfect class, my degree is in English literature and I was able to take the class “Literary London.” I studied literature that took place in the city I was living! My class took field trips to the different locations and it made the reading experience come alive.

In addition to class field trips, Westminster offers several social events throughout the program including a pub crawl, tickets to see a Broadway play, and even weekend trips to Oxford and York. On top of these special trips and outings API offers their own trips and events. I saw all of the major sightseeing spots, toured the BBC studio and caught a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theater. (Every literature nut's dream!)

I made a lot of friends who came to Westminster through other programs, and they all said that API students got to do a whole lot more. The best part is that all of these trips were included in the fees paid before I even left! I was only in London for three weeks taking one class. But it was the perfect blend of getting to know the city culture, doing the traditional site-seeing, and learning something that I could connect to more than I ever could have in the states.

Lacey with her Literary London class and professor

How has this experience impacted your future?

Lacey: I am now working on my graduate degree in Technical Writing and it was important for me to find a program that would allow me the opportunity to make going back to Europe a possibility. I am shaping my classes and degree toward international communication in the hopes that I will find a career that will allow me to spend time overseas.

I am even pushing my husband to do his own study abroad. This is an experience that will change your life, and you will become addicted to travel. I can’t wait to go back to London, and travel to other parts of Europe!