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Please note: You can join this internship in Zambia, South Africa or Tanzania.

The African Impact Foundation is a registered Charity and Non-profit in the United Kingdom, Zambia and South Africa. From its base in Cape Town, it runs 24 projects around the framework of Education, Enrichment and Empowerment of the 7 cities in 4 countries around Eastern and Southern Africa. The African Impact Foundation was borne out of the relationship volunteers on the award-winning African Impact projects had to the communities they experienced and wanted to continue to support. The African Impact Foundation was therefore established to responsibly distribute funds to projects and to support the sustainable development of the communities we have established strong relationships with.

Over the course of its existence, The African Impact Foundation in partnership with African Impact is proud to have contributed to the building of clinics, crèches and school classrooms, provided communities with education and skills training and helped beneficiaries improve their well-being and quality of life through improved nutrition and the provision of health care services. Projects are varied depending on the country, town, or community that you will be working in.

As an intern you will have the opportunity to assist with fundraising for rural clinics and schools, creating and maintaining community food gardens, teaching in preschools, and working on HIV and AIDS, healthcare and medical projects. During your internship you’ll also gain practical work experience abroad and learn about non-profit operations and management as you work alongside local staff. The internship is customized to maximize on your experience in any of the 7 beautiful locations above-mentioned, in a well-supported structure which includes a Professional Development Coach.

  • Enhance your CV with an international internship in one of seven spectacular destinations.
  • Gain valuable work experience in the NGO and international development sector.
  • Develop skills such as leadership, time and people management while gaining valuable experience in the field of charity operations.
  • Experience a true cultural exchange working and living in a foreign country and work alongside local people and other internationals.
  • Get involved in and help us grow our community and conservation projects.
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The internship fee for our projects not only covers your accommodation, all meals, and resources used while on project; but it also contributes to the development of new projects in communities and areas where help is needed, and gives us the ability to sustain our projects for the long-term. We also offer you professional development coaching as well as 24 hour on the ground support and will collect you from the airport when you arrive!

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In my community getting into employment is one of the main challenges most of us youths are faced with and usually end up setting up low profit businesses or working for low wages.

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- Tanzania 2017
23 years old

My experience as a volunteer with African Impact - Moshi, Kilimanjaro


Truly inspiring, life changing & challenging experience. Incredibly grateful to have worked with wonderful staff & volunteers. Met loving, enthusiastic & joyful students which made classes so much fun & rewarding. Living in Moshi was by far the best cultural experience I've had yet. The people, animals, music, energy, food, gratitude, strength, adventure & love. Had the pleasure to teach English to the Masai tribal men & local primary school kids (who were the cutest!) . As well as teach business skills to the tailors in town. Thankyou African impact for an incredible trip, I didn’t want to leave x .

Can’t wait to come back next year!

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24 years old
Norwich, United Kingdom

The best 6 months of my life so far...


This internship exceeded all of my expectations and having given up my job back in the UK after volunteering with African Impact for 3 weeks I could not be more happy or proud of my achievements during this internship.

On a day to day basis I managed physical and monetary donations, managed online campaigns, used social media to broadcast the amazing efforts of The Happy Africa Foundation and organised fundraising events in the volunteer house and in the local community involving the local residents of the surrounding town of St Lucia.

No day was ever the same and this meant I had so much fun during my 6 months in St Lucia and I met some amazing people along the way, some of which have become life long friends!

Going out on projects with volunteers was great as it allowed me to see exactly where the money needed to go within the communities and I was able to build relationships with community members.

Some of my proudest moments during my internship was raising enough money to complete Inkanyezi Crèche, a Focal project that I had grown very fond of having taught there as a volunteer. Over seeing a building project in my final week as the intern saw a family reunited in their home that had been badly damaged by the storms that hit rural KwaZulu-Natal. Raising the profile of the charity back home in the UK and in the local towns enabled me to gain so much more support especially from the local residents who learnt more about exactly what we do in the communities of 30,000 that surround St Lucia.

There were some tough days where having to deal with the reality of the HIV epidemic was hard to swallow but doing this internship has changed my life completely. I have a new found passion for charity work and especially The Happy Africa Foundation and African Impact, their dedication and drive to succeed and produce sustainable living for thousands of people all over Africa is second to none.

'Educate, Enrich, Empower'

I could not recommend this internship enough, if you have always thought of doing something like this then go for it, you will not regret it!!

How can this program be improved?

That I could have stayed there for a lot longer, South Africa has become apart of me.

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African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation which runs and manages meaningful and responsible volunteer experiences and internship programs throughout Africa. The organisation was founded in 2004 in Zimbabwe, and since then has grown into the Africa leaders in volunteer tourism, having facilitated