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Connect-123 Dublin Internships

Intern abroad in Dublin, Ireland with Connect-123! This is your opportunity to intern abroad in one of the most popular cities in Europe. By taking part in an international internship in Ireland, you will have the opportunity to develop your professional skills in an international setting. Visit the Connect-123 website to learn more about interning abroad in Dublin!

  • Tailored Placements! Connect-123 staff members will help you choose from a variety of available internships to find the one that works best for you! Interning in Dublin is a great opportunity for your professional development, and Connect-123 is there to
  • Extensive Network! You will have many businesses, NGO's and healthcare organizations to choose from, among many other options. Whatever your interests are, Connect-123 will place you with an internship in Dublin that works for you!
  • Service! From pre-departure support to in-country support to post-internship support, Connect-123 is there to provide you with as much or as little support as you need!
  • Flexibility! Choose from a 2-6 month internship! Connect-123 understands that every intern has a different schedule, and a staff member will work with you individually to insure a memorable internship experience!
  • Our program deposit is completely refundable! Most organizations require a non-refundable deposit, which they justify by pointing to the amount of work required to put together an internship or volunteer work placement. Connect-123's policy is different
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No , I didn't get paid for the internship but I gained valuable experience for may professional career and I did learn the difficulties and issues that a medium international charity has to face when working in developing countries.

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Program Reviews (12)

24 years old
Munnsville, New York

Growing Older and Wiser Through Connect-123's Internship Opportunity


If your looking to go abroad as well as gaining experience in your field of studies then Connect-123 is the program for you! I went to Dublin Ireland in the Fall of 2016 and my time spent there will be cherished for the rest of my life. The staff is extremely helpful in finding an internship to fit your interests. In the time I was their I interned for both a publishing company and a radio station working on tasks like promoting, journalism and presenting. Along with working in your field, Connect-123 also offers various opportunities to network with other people in the program as well as others who cross your path on this amazing journey! Thank-You Connect-123 for making this dream of going abroad become a reality.

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22 years old
Boston College

My Internship Experience in Dublin


Being a part of Connect-123’s internship program was one of my best decisions I have ever made. I had always wanted to travel to Europe, so to be able to do so while pursuing my career path was an incredible opportunity for me. Soon enough, I found myself in Dublin taking in the Irish culture and taking full advantage of my journey.
In Dublin, I got a fantastic internship at Systems Biology Ireland, which helps to design therapeutic and personalized approaches to cancer. I got to be a part of truly integral and prestigious research. I worked in a top-notch facility, both in a wet lab and in an office performing analyses on breast cancer cells. It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life so far. My supervisors were incredibly patient and kind when it came to my experiences working with them and learning from them.
Yet, besides my internship, I was fortunate enough to have the weekends to take full advantage of all that Ireland had to offer. I was blessed to be able to travel around the country, seeing castles, cliffs, and countryside, while taking in the history of this magnificent place. I got to be fully immersed in the culture, which is something that was so important to me, especially being of Irish descent myself. This only added to my incredible time spent here. I am grateful for my summer internship with Connect-123, and it has been a wonderful life-changing experience that I will be forever grateful for.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe it could offer some free group events, since interns had to pay for most of them in addition to the program cost. Also, since we are picked up at the airport upon arrival, it would be nice to have a company drop us back off at the airport upon departure.

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22 years old
Coopersburg, PA
Colorado College

What an experience in Dublin!


My internship at Trinity College Dublin gave me exactly what I wanted to know: what it what like to be an astrophysics graduate student. Connect-123 operates on a desirable platform: you give them your resume, cover letter, and required forms, and they go out to the city of your choice to find you an internship that matches best with your requests. When they get an offer, you can choose to either accept or pass on that specific opportunity. It's a low stress procedure, but remember that (even though I got exactly what I was looking for), it's, always possible that you don't match with a perfect internship.
Once I arrived in Dublin, I quickly made friends with my likeminded roommates, decided to go biking around Dublin, go to a traditional Irish pub that night, and tour the Old Jameson Distillery the morning after. There is so much to do in Dublin, and you can bus from one side of the city to the other painfully easily. Whether it's walking along the River Liffey, touring the Guinness Factory or hiking in the Wicklow Mountains, you will leave Dublin wanting to do more.

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46 years old
Barcelona, Spain

A life changing experience


I decided last minute I wanted to do an internship in Dublin and luckily, as fate would have it, I ended up applying for it in Connect 123. Lea in Barcelona just found the perfect internship for me that matched my career goals in just a matter of weeks. Next, I went to Ireland, my adoptive country for two months. Liat and Sarah were extremely helpful and crucial to make the most of my stay.

All my goals have been fully accomplished. First, I've gained a valuable experience in the field of education development and research in the NGO sector where I found a friendly work environment. second, I enjoyed again the opportunity to travel to an English-speaking country which is always my dream, and getting a better understanding of the world from first hand.Third, I learnt about myself and grew on a personal level.

Moreover, Dublin is a vibrant city with many interesting things to do and places to visit. What I liked most was that Dublin was easy to get around. You could easily do one-day trip to visit the Giants of causeway or Cliffs of Moher or whatever of its breathtaking landscapes in its surroundings. In a nutshell, it has been a memorable life changing experience.

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24 years old
Grand Forks, North Dakota
University of North Dakota

Volunteer- Dublin Summer 2014


My summer in Dublin was absolutely incredible! I volunteered at a community resource centre helping with the planning and facilitating of a summer project, which provides a fun and safe environment for at-risk youth during their summer holiday. Connect-123 understood what type of opportunity I was looking for and worked with me every step of the way! Dublin is a beautiful city and it's relatively small size allowed for me to become acquainted to it in a short amount of time. I recommend to anyone to take an opportunity like this because the learning experience is unforgettable!!!

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24 years old

An Amazing Experience!


My 8 weeks in Dublin were truly memorable. I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot during my internship as an executive intern. Dublin is just full of friendly and helpful people and it was easy to make friends and feel at home.

The process of applying for the internship, arriving in Ireland and settling down in my accommodation was very smooth and working with Connect-123 made my life much easier. For someone who was travelling away from home for the 1st time, and that too more than 13 hours away, applying with Connect-123 was comfortable and safe. I also got to live with and meet other interns from the programme, so I didn't feel alone.

I learnt a lot during my internship.The great thing about Connect-123 is that they monitor your progress at your internship and discuss with you your goals before and mid-way your internship, so that you have a clear picture on what you want to gain at the end of the experience. They are also very willing to help us during our stay there. I am glad that I cam to Dublin for my internship. I am definitely going to a plan a trip back!

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24 years old
Dallas, TX
University of Texas- Dallas

A Great Opportunity in Every Way!


I can honestly say that living and working in Ireland for 2 months was the greatest, most rewarding experience of my life so far. I had a great place to stay at University College Dublin, a fantastic internship at Trinity, and was able to travel to new and exciting places every weekend. I could feel myself growing as a person every day--becoming more independent, developing my skills as a researcher, making new friends and long-lasting connections, and seeing sights that have been on my bucket list for a while (e.g. Giant's Causeway and Blarney Castle). By the end of the summer, I'd gotten to know Dublin so well I was giving Irish people directions! I'd highly recommend this experience to any college student--especially if, like me, it's your first time going abroad.

How can this program be improved?

I'd have liked to have Fridays off for more travel time, though that's probably something I should have worked out with my supervisor. A breakdown of program expenses would be useful, too.

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24 years old
Chicago, IL

Amazing Fall Dublin Internship!


Living abroad in Dublin was an incredible, life-changing experience. I spent three months there, but it was so hard to leave at the end, that I wish I could have stayed longer. The whole experience was very smooth right from the beginning. Connect-123 found me the perfect internship, performing research on the childhood cancer neuroblastoma at the University College Dublin. I didn’t have a whole lot of research experience before arriving, but everyone there was so friendly and willing to teach me, that I learned so much more than I could have imagined and feel more prepared for a future career in medicine.

In addition to exploring Dublin, I was able to travel around Ireland and other European countries. The scenery was so spectacular that I literally had to pinch myself to know it was real. Coming from Chicago, Dublin was a smaller city, but its charm and friendly people made me feel so at home. It has a rich history, great nightlife, and there was always something new to do and see. The Connect-123 events helped me get acclimated to the city as well as meet some great, life-long friends that I still keep in touch with. This was absolutely the experience of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to go back. I would recommend this internship and the opportunity to travel to Dublin to anyone and everyone!

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24 years old
Adelaide, South Australia
University of South Australia

Amazing Ireland! Dublin Testimonial Connect 123


Ireland was part of my bucket list: a place I had dreamed of visiting. I got the opportunity to not only experience the rich culture, but do so while completing a fantastic internship with a local newspaper through Connect 123. The friendly people and amazing scenery added to this experience; one that I will never forget and one that I will cherish for years to come.

It was incredible to get the opportunity to write for a local newspaper and get my articles published. My work environment was truly great and I loved going to work each day. I learnt a lot and was treated like a real journalist, as I was given my own stories and interviews; all of which will be a beneficial addition to my portfolio.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the great team at Connect 123. They were able to place me in the internship and help with accommodation. They were always there if I needed anything and they also organised a great summer program involving all interns which enabled us all to get to know people from all over the world and create new friends.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Connect 123’s Dublin internships to anyone. You are able to gain important hands on experience in your chosen career while also having the flexibility to experience the lifestyle and culture of another country.

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24 years old
United States
University College Dublin

Great Experience


I had a great experience in Dublin! It was nice to be picked up at the airport and have an orientation of the vital information that is needed when traveling abroad! It was also great to get to know people that were traveling to the same place. We first connected over Facebook and than we planned activities when we got to Dublin.

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24 years old
Yakima, Washington
Eastern Washington University

Dublin Experience!!!!


"During my last year of undergrauate studies at Eastern Washington University I decided that I wanted to work and gain experience abroad. I searched through hundreds of programs that provided assistance to students like me with finding internships abroad. I finally, after 2 months of searching found Connect-123. This program was a great fit for me because it wasn't to expensive and allowed me to stay as long as I wanted without having to pay additional costs for staying a certain period of time. The staff (Melanie and Daniela) were very helpful and provided all of us with everything we needed. Melanie set me up with the biggest coffee chain in Ireland and next thing you know I'm on a plane to Dublin.

My process of going to dublin was a little different than the rest of the group becuase I stayed 5 months and also had a part time job. Melanie and Daniela were very helpful in giving me information about the visa process. It was a very difficult process but in the end it all worked out.

My internship was two jobs in one because my internship was set up this way it allowed me to gain lots of experience and make some extra cash on the side. I worked as an intern four days a week in the office and as a part-time barista in the cafe 1-3 days a week. I learned alot about my field (marketing) and gained some experience within the coffee sector. The people I worked with were amazing and I will never forget them. I loved going in to work everyday because it was a blast. The good thing also was free coffee and lunch, not to mention all the treats I got to taste from propective clients wanting to put their treats in our stores.

Outside of work was an amazing experience to. I loved hanging out with my roommates and getting to know them. I had roomates from Italy, America, France. I also met a ton of amazing people along the way and got the chance to see them again after my internship was finished. Dublin for me was great because I just loved the culture and the atmosphere. Everyone was so nice and welcoming that it allowed me to just relax. Melanie and Daniela made sure our group got to see most of Ireland which was amazing and beautiful. I also did other trips with friends outside of our program as well. I had an amazing time in Dublin and I don't think words can really describe it, you have to just go and see for yourself.

At the end of my internship I was fortunate enough to get the chance to travel to Italy, Spain and Belgium. My roommates from Italy showed me around and I also did some couch surfing which was really great. I encourage everyone to try it.

Overall my time spent in Dublin was truly life changing and I will never forget it."

How can this program be improved?

Program is really good. I would have liked to meet more of the people from the program but it was good overall.

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24 years old
Oxford, U.K
University of Leicester

Dublin Summer Internship


Having only heard about Connect123 last minute, I decided to enquire about summer internships abroad. Connect were extremely helpful and managed to arrange a 2 month summer internship in just a matter of weeks.

I was thrown in at the deep end on my first day at World Trade Centre Dublin, establishing connections with domestic and international clients. Working amongst a team from a variety of locations around the globe, including India, Ireland, U.S, U.K, Nigeria, Mexico and Spain, I was able to gain experience with interns from different cultures and personalities. Not only in the work place, but my house also contained a diverse group of interns who I thoroughly enjoyed living with.

Our aim was to assist companies with more reliable and useful connections which in turn increases level of business domestically, as well as internationally; adding value to trading activities. One method of doing this was through WTCD's online trade network, WebPort Global. I was also working outside the office, attending a variety of business networking events, presentations and meetings in Dublin.

You will be assigned a Coordinator who will assist you with any questions you may have. Connect will also give you the opportunity to visit well known landmarks in Dublin, ranging from the Guinness Storehouse to the cliff tops just outside of Dublin.
My experience was more than just an internship, as I gained invaluable knowledge about international trade, as well as vital life skills including networking and establishing strong business partnerships.
I strongly recommend an internship with Connect to anyone looking to enhance their CV and stand out from other candidates.

About The Provider


Connect-123 develops and administers internship programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cape Town, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Dublin, Ireland; and Barcelona, Spain. In all countries, internship opportunities are hosted by local companies, non-profit organizations, schools, research institutes and health care clinics. In South Africa, study abroad