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Intern Abroad HQ offers experiential internship programs around the world, with a variety of options suited to participants with an interest or background in business. The general range of fields that include diverse business internships are:

- Business & Economics
- Engineering & Design
- Environmental & Conservation
- Law & Human Rights
- Marketing & Communication
- Management & Organization
- Tourism & Hospitality

Choose from internship programs in Bali, Costa Rica, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Peru and South Africa.

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Recommended internship programs include:

  • Costa Rica: The Microfinance / Women's Empowerment program takes a comprehensive approach, involving micro-finance and education tasks, with awareness promotion related to empowerment, bullying, domestic violence, sexual and emotional health for women. Available from 4 weeks.
  • Guatemala: The Agriculture program works to provide training to small farmers, helping them to manage their land effectively and sustainably. Available from 2 weeks. The Microfinance program allows interns to assist with the provision of advice and education regarding the successful operation of a business, budgeting strategies, IT systems, and marketing. Available from 4 weeks.
  • Peru: NGO Support placements are focused on addressing social, economic and health challenges within Cusco. Tasks are related to coordination, communications, marketing, social media, computer support, fundraising, management, and international relations. Entry-level placements within the Tourism & Hospitality internship program offer tasks related to organization, marketing, sales, website development, SEO, and social media. Both options available from 5 weeks. The Eco-Tourism program, available from 8 weeks, allows interns to assist an agency with providing sustainable trekking experiences on the Salkantay.
  • Internships offered in Bali, Costa Rica, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Peru, South Africa.
  • Explore a variety of fields which lead to rewarding careers.
  • Affordable program fees and flexible scheduling; rolling admission dates year-round.
  • Entry-level internships available, from just 4 weeks minimum duration.
  • Guided reflection course included for resume development.

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