Health Science Internship in Costa Rica

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International Service Learning is excited to offer two internship opportunities in Costa Rica! Both are based in geriatric care and range from 1 to 11 months, depending on your placement and preference. One internship is available at a convent to provide Physical Therapy and/or Nursing services to elderly nuns residing there. One or two interns can live at the convent or with a nearby family at a time and provide assistance for a timeframe from 2 to 4 months. The second internship is Physical Therapy-based and takes place at a retirement home and is available for a duration of 1 to 11 months. In both placements, interns will help move residents, accompany them on therapeutic walks, help with exercises, and assist in any other daily activities that may be requested. Levels of Spanish and Physical Therapy education vary depending on location, but a successful candidate must be a self-starter, work well on a team, possess professionalism, and represent ISL and the US well.

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