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The Intern in Belize program provides participants with an incredible international internship opportunity. The program is unique as each placement is carefully selected based on area of interest and learning goals. Cultural learning is deeply intertwined to give participants a rich learning experience.

Gain hands-on experience in the area of:
Community Development
Social Services

The Intern in Belize program provides a supportive academic framework to the volunteer experience. The goal of this program is to help participants get the extra edge in life by providing personalized, professional placements in Belize. The Intern in Belize is a meaningful and exciting option. We invite you to serve, learn, and explore our country through the Intern in Belize program.

  • Personalized, professional placements
  • Superb support service - pre-departure and in-country
  • Extensive knowledge of country and culture
  • Comprehensive program fees
  • Exceptional program value

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  • Growth 9.7
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 10
  • Safety 10
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Summer 2018 in Belize

I had a wonderful experience interning with a domestic violence non-profit organization, Mary Open Doors, in San Ignacio, Belize through Toucan Education Programs. Toucan Education program provided great support to me throughout the extent of my stay, including providing amazing assistance during a conflict involving my living situation (which was completely out of their control). I gained a lot from this experience, including leadership skills, teamwork skills, and an enhanced global perspective. Rhondine from Toucan Education Programs is one of the most dedicated and hard working yet kind and considerate people I've been lucky enough to meet. She runs TEP and puts her heart and soul into making sure the program is a success for students. It is obvious that she puts students before profit. Although I wish the program would have done more activities or trips to the ocean, I would recommend this program to anyone interested in Belize or completing an internship in a really cool country full of nice people, rich culture, and delicious food.

What would you improve about this program?
This program could be improved by TEP making more solid weekend excursions or trips for students. I suggest this because we only went to a few places and the coast of Belize is absolutely amazing and I wish we could've experienced it more. They left it up to us to make our own plans and, due to the unfamiliarity with the region, it was hard to do. This could be resolved if I had looked into the country/fun destinations or activities prior to arriving. Other than that, I have no suggestions for improvement.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Dream come true!

During the 2nd semester of my MAT program, I lost my grandmother, whom had adopted me. After that, keeping up with my daily demands had become so hard. I was used to being ambitious, but that mourning process truly slowed me down.

The moment I arrived to Belize, I started to lift out of that fog. The beautiful flowers and birds created my very own fairy tale. My guide, David, showed me how to bird watch as we were leaving the airport. Already, that one experience taught me how to patiently open my eyes to experience the world around me. I hadn't even made it the apartment yet.

I ate daily at Erva's Restaurant. I looked forward to getting off from my Internship just to hang out. Any time I felt homesick, I knew I could walk into Erva's and feel right at home.

I transitioned from taking a cab to walking. I thought about it for a long time, but wasn't brave enough to try it until one day one of my students walked passed me on her way to school dressed in her uniform. She waved, smiled, and said, "Mornin Miss!". So, I quit waiting for a taxi and walked with her. That morning, I saw how beautiful Belize was. As the people slowly hurried for work, walking to and fro. Neighbors, mothers, and sons were all dressed in their best and you got a sensation that made you ready to contribute to helping this town develop. I walked every morning after that. And every morning, I had time with myself, time with God, time with nature, and the best smiles and "Mornins" I could ask for. I was connected with the universe. I was at peace. The more I walked the more I felt at home because I would see the same faces everyday.

It was interesting working in Belize. I faced challenges that have made my job in the states a piece of cake. As a student teacher, I was faced with adjusting to not having technology, and working in the heat, plus keeping students engaged. I was so determined to be an effective educator, and impressed by the creativity of the culture, that I learned how to be creative and problem solve. This has been the most valuable skill that has helped me in my professional development. I became so in tune with nature and the universe. Through the excursions that took me on ancient reserves and through caves, I realized just how long civilization has existed. From this, I gained tranquility as I accepted that my journey is just that, a journey. I wanted to always feel that sense of tranquility and gratitude, so I practiced keeping it with me at all times.

St. Ignatius was also a huge part of my experience. My co-workers went out of their way to ensure that I enjoyed the land and culture the way they do everyday. I was spoiled with love, support, rich cultural knowledge and awakening history. They explained so much about their culture to me without taking any offense to my questions. I was sent off with a beautiful cake and a funny video of it being smashed in my face. I couldn’t ask for a better work experience.

Mrs. Rhondine Petrof, was the best support system I could have asked for during my first time abroad. She often took time out of her busy schedule just to ask how I was doing. She was an excellent listener and validated my emotions, always offering support and advice. Any turbulence I experienced, Mrs. Rhondine took initiative as if it was happening to her. I felt very safe. Her ultimate goal was for me to have a high value experience of the culture, I did just that. I have not once regretted this experience. I plan to visit the friends and family I made there as soon as possible. It really was a dream come true!

What would you improve about this program?
My experience was of such high value and personalized. I have no suggestions for improvements.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Belize 2017

I was presented an opportunity toward the end of my undergrad to live in Belize for a month while conducting research.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life thus far. I gained relationships & memories with people that I am confident will last a lifetime. A part of my heart will always live there and I cannot wait to go back. Toucan Education Program ensured they understood where my interests were and fashioned an experience/program that allowed optimal growth as a student, researcher, and plainly, as a human being.

If you are interested in studying abroad, expanding your knowledge through experience, and meeting amazing/hardworking/inspiring humans that are the people of Toucan Education System & Belizeans don't hesitate to reach out and ask me questions on my experience. [email protected] 🇧🇿🙏🏼✨

Yes, I recommend this program


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