High School Summer Abroad in France

Beautiful beachside communities, delicious food and drink, and cultural immersion make France one of the world’s most popular destinations -- and it can be part of your high school experience! Learn more about summer high school abroad programs in France, and read reviews from fellow students.

Perhaps the most difficult choice facing a high-school student is what kind of summer program to choose. Study the beautiful French language, learn to cook French delicacies, take a course in art history or painting, volunteer in a peace project, hike through The Alps or find an internship in a French bakery?

Common Program Types

If you want a structured experience for your summer in France, here are some of the most popular ways high school students spend their time:

  • Summer Language Immersion Courses. One of the most popular choices is an immersion course in French language and culture. On a French language immersion program, you will be given the chance to refine your oral and written skills by communicating freely and expressively with peers and teachers. Language courses are an effective way of improving confidence, competence and being exposed to skilled native speakers.
  • Summer Volunteer Placements. Summer volunteer programs in France range from working on a farm, restoration projects, teaching English and preserving architectural heritage. These programs focus on improving the lives of others, and on particular aspects of the French culture.
  • Internship Placements. A summer internship in France is an excellent way of developing personally and professionally while being given the possibility to use the French language. Placements can typically be found in art galleries, architectural firms, advertising agencies, theaters, tourist offices and restaurants.


If you want to spend your summer in France, you probably won’t need a visa. For stays shorter than 90 days, you can stay in France on a tourist visa. If you choose a program that runs longer than 90 days, check with the organization to see what visa or sponsorship services they offer.

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