Teen Summer Japanese Language Camp in Fukuoka or Tokyo, Japan

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In 2019, Greenheart Travel will provide scholarship grants to individuals who are “first time travelers” and have the desire for travel and cultural immersion. Our First Time Traveler Scholarships will be available for our Teach English Abroad, TEFL Course, Work Abroad, Homestay Abroad, High School Study Abroad, Teen Summer Language Camp, and Volunteer programs.


Learn and improve your Japanese skills through full language and cultural immersion on Greenheart Travel’s summer language camp programs in Fukuoka or Tokyo, Japan!

We welcome teen students of all skills, including beginners! Live with a Japanese host family and make international friends from around the world, all while perfecting your Japanese language skills.

- 20 hours of class a week (4 core classes per day in 2 hour blocks)
- Daily cultural and historical excursions
- Accommodation with local Japanese host family allows for full immersion
- Camps located in downtown Fukuoka, a beautiful, city in southwestern Japan and Tokyo, Japan

Fukuoka Program Fees:
1 Week: $1,680
2 Weeks: $2,310
3 Weeks: $2,950
4 Weeks: $3,580
5 Weeks: $4,220
6 Weeks: $4,850

Tokyo Program Fees:
2 Weeks: $2,920
3 Weeks: $3,670
4 Weeks: $4,130
5 Weeks: $5,180
6 Weeks: $5,930

Now accepting applications for summer 2019 programs!

  • 20 hours of language classes per week
  • Medical Insurance and 24/7 Emergency Contact Support
  • Assistance from a personal program manager before, during and after your program
  • 2 meals per day (Breakfast & Dinner) included in the program
  • Be eligible to apply without having to meet any language requirements for Fukuoka location

Questions & Answers

Yes, the total costs to pay are as listed there! The fee includes all accommodation, 2 meals per day, and language classes while you're in Japan, as well as a lot of other things that you can read about here: https://greenhearttravel.org/program/teen/language-camps/fu… It does not include your flight to Japan, however. The cost of a flight depends on where you are coming from. From the USA you...
Hey Sarah! We don't have camps outside of the summer right now, but sometimes have spots open during Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Email us and we can chat about it, [email protected] (Allison Yates)!
Hi, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately we don't have the detailed info on scholarships for this program. We recommend contacting Greenheart Travel directly to see what forms of financial aid are available. You can contact them here: https://greenhearttravel.org/contact . Here is another great article on finding third-party scholarships and grants for funding your adventure: https://www...
Yes I’m pretty sure you can as long as you’re not over 18. If it turns out you can’t, I think GreenHeart are a parter programme or something like that because when I arrived at the school there were people of all ages from many countries so if you just go direct to the GenkiJACS website you may be able to find a way to go through there


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  • Housing 9.7
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My stay in Tokyo

I only stayed in Tokyo for 2 weeks, but it still was one of my best experiences abroad!
My host family was really kind and funny and I could adapt to their everyday life easily. They had a daughter my age so we really bonded and it was very nice.
The school (GenkiJACS) and Greenheart Travel staff members (Allison Yates) were really helpful with everything and I appreciate their support! The classes were practical and useful, having different teachers everyday was really fun. At the school I was able to meet wonderful people and now I have friends from all around the world.
I'm very glad I joined this program and I recommend it to anyone willing to learn about Japanese culture and language!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fukuoka Experience

I had one of the most amazing families anyone could get! They were the sweetest and did not mind showing me around anyplace I wanted to go. I loved Hakata station and an old lady basically pulled me into a crammed elevator while laughing because I was afraid I couldn't fit! The people in this particular town seemed so nice and open to foreigners. I personally felt like I fit in there. The staff was fun and did not mind if we asked what certain things were or got particularly confused even if the rest of the class got annoyed. Everyone had such a positive atmosphere that even the rain didn't seem to phase.

How can this program be improved?
I'd personally like more contact from Greenheart but not too much. They did contact me about twice while I was over there and I might suggest maybe an email each week for this particular program because it is rather short.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My Stay in Japan

I was able to make close friends from around the world and was also able to become close with my host family. ( I still contact them and I hope to be able to see them again in a couple years.) The staff at GreenHeart Travel (Allison Yates) and GenkiJACS were amazing and they were able to answer all my questions. The only things I regret not doing were not being able to attend the last school day due to the weather. Thus making me not able to say proper goodbyes to anyone at the school. Also, I wasn’t able to go to all the places I have wished to go to. During me stay there, I was able to find some fantastic boba milk tea. I would be happy to share where I got them from if you want to know. (Sorry, I just had to say this because I love boba a lot....haha.) I do feel like the culture excursions on Saturdays could be improved. Overall, I feel that this trip was amazing!

Yes, I recommend this program
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A really great adventure.

I was in the summer language camp program for two weeks, and those two weeks were a fantastic time, not only was the school very nice and I feel I learned a lot, but being located in Tokyo, and living with a host family helped my language and communication skills increase exponentially, and I have also felt the experience in general has made me more able to communicate with people, even if I am doing it in English. I would definitely do it again if I ever have the chance.

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing time

I had a great time even though I only stayed for two weeks I felt this was a good length for me as as much as i didn't want to leave and now want to go back I missed my boyfriend a lot. The trip helped me to become more confident as it forced me to deal with my problems and anxiety head on rather than getting worked up and relying on other people. As i was only there for a short time I didn't experience much culture shock either way but it did impact my life in terms of my Japanese and ability to remember vocab and rules etc improved greatly as the school i was at's teaching methods were incredibly good and intense but in a fun way. It's also given me experiences and proof of enjoyment and self motivation in the subject to include in any personal statements or CVs when applying for uni/college. My favorite memory, or the one that comes to mind first, despite all the amazing things i did was when i first landed at the airport i looked out the window and saw fireworks exploding in the near distance and it made me laugh after the 13+ hour flight and the years of wanting to go to Japan - im finally here and there's firworks going off its almost too fitting, like a movie.

How can this program be improved?
the only issue I had was I was constantly told and reminded in the orientation and leaflets etc to keep my room tidy and be quiet by 9pm especially if there were kids (which there were) and I tried so hard to keep tidy but the kids would just take things off my desk and put them on the floor... yeah and then also the kids didn't go to bed until like 10:30pm which was also a bit of a pain seeing I was really jetlagged and just wanted to sleep but they kept coming in my room. it was only a mild inconvenience as overall i feel like i was extremely lucky and got the nicest most understanding and caring family in japan who took me loads of places and gave me lunch and payed for everything even when I offered but maybe one way it could be improved is to send tell the family the rules the students are given as well so that if i have the money to go again i can get to sleep easier :')
Yes, I recommend this program
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My Learning Experience in Fukuoka

This was a very valuable experience for me not just because my Japanese language skills increased a lot, but also because I began to learn how to "adult"; namely, how to properly manage my existing amount of money that I had. My hosts were very welcoming and tolerant of my linguistic mistakes ( I made many ^^). This past summer was probably the best in my life, and I am thankful to my parents, my hosts, Greenheart, and the friends that I made overseas.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My Experience in Japan

I really enjoyed going to Japan with the Greenheart Travel program. I've always wanted to go to Japan ever since I started getting into anime as well as learning the Japanese language at my school. Through the Greenheart Travel program, I was able to experience new things that I wouldn't have the opportunity to experience. I met many new people from all over world, not just the United States, but from Turkey, Taiwan, China, Australia, etc. We still keep in touch till today!

The highlight of my trip to Japan was being able to learn the Japanese language a lot more than I did in my school's Japanese class. For example, my teacher at my school told me to use "Anata" as "you", but when I said it to my teacher in Japan, she said that it was an informal use of "you" and that there are others ways of saying you in different sentences. I wouldn't have learned this in my school in Hawaii. Being able to learn a language where its the primary language of the country is a totally different experience than learning it at home.

Another highlight of my trip to Japan was being able to go to different places to truly understand the culture, the people, and it's history. I was able to explore different places that I normally wouldn't have visited. Such as an onsen, shrines, temples, and other places of interests. I also became very comfortable using public transportation whereas at home, I never even caught the bus.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my time and experience in Japan. I would recommend this program for anyone interested in learning a country's culture and it's language.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing that I wish that the program could improve on is how the students get to school on the first day. I had a difficult time trying to find my way to school even though they gave me a google map printout of where I needed to go. I wish there was a guide on how to take the subway , bus, or the JR line at least on the first day. I was fortunate enough to meet a kind lady who was able to speak english to help me arrive at school on time by helping me get ticket for the subway. However, had I not met her, my first day might have been tainted negatively and not have been a very positive experience.
Yes, I recommend this program

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