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Visit the Land Down Under with us! Our Australia program is led by our beloved trip director who is a local! Join us this summer as we show you the best the country has to offer. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, hold a koala, and feed wild dolphins. Learn about the Aboriginal history and culture and volunteer on a building project for an Aboriginal school. Program participants have the chance to volunteer abroad, make cultural comparisons, and explore the beautiful nature of the Outback.

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: Fly across the International Dateline and arrive in the Land Down Under! Our journey to Australia and New Zealand is a perennial TFT favorite, combining adventure with cultural exploration and major travel destinations paired with little-known gems.

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My personal experience is that ages ranged from 14-19, but the majority of travelers were in high school.


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Australia and NewZealand Service

I will never forget the three weeks I spent in New Zealand and Australia with Travel for Teens this summer. From the moment I stepped off the plane I fell in love with New Zealand. The beauty country is just breathtaking, and all the activities we did while in New Zealand were exhilarating. After an amazing few days in NZ we were off to Australia which was just as an amazing country. The service work we did while in Australia was incredibly fulfilling. I absolutely enjoyed every aspect of the trip, from day one to twenty-one! The counselors were the best!! They were approachable, spirited, and full of fun positive energy. The other campers on the trip were awesome, and by the end of the trip we all became like a big family! I can not wait to one day return to these stunning countries!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Immersion in Australian and New Zealand Culture

My trip to Australia and New Zealand with Travel for Teens has changed my perspective on traveling, I was not just a tourist when I visited these foreign countries but became extremely immersed in their culture, through experiences such as watching a ritualistic haka in New Zealand to camping in the Australian outback with locals. I felt at home in these countries and not out of place, which sometimes can happen when traveling. We stayed in hostels, not big chain hotels and got to meet so many locals that we could learn a lot from, such as where the best traditional places to eat were and where we should shop or visit if we had any free time (which luckily was not often because we always had some fun activity planned). Overall, I honestly had the time of my life on this trip and it really opened my eyes to truly experiencing different cultures, after I even told my Mom that this trip has showed me that I want-NEED to continue traveling to different parts of the world for the rest of my life.

How can this program be improved?
This trip could be improved by having a longer stay at each city, there was a lot of quick traveling where it was hard to get settled in to each place.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Australia and New zealand!

I️ traveled with TFT to Australia and New Zealand and it was such an amazing experience from pair gliding to climbing the sydney harbor bridge we did everything! With travel for teen i️ got the unbelievable experiences of pairgliding off of a beautiful New Zealand mountain , scuba diving in the great barrier reef , going on sandboarding and climbing the sydney harbor bridge plus so much more.The consolers even helped to make it such fantastic time,they knew so much about every place we went and knew how to answer anything about Australia and New Zealand. You also got to know so much about all of the nature in Australia during the community service part of the trip, they teach you all about different plants and animals in Australia and what you can do to help the environment. This is such a phenomenal trip!

Yes, I recommend this program
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A Life Changing Experience

Traveling to Australia with Travel for Teens was an experience I will never forget. The counselors were so engaging, the friendships I made were long lasting, the excursions we went on (snorkeling, sand boarding, bridge climbing, koala holding) were mind blowing, and the service we did at a Wildlife Hospital was incredibly fulfilling. Whether you chose to go to Australia or not, I highly recommend that every high school student travel abroad before they leave for college. It is a necessary step to leaving the nest. It's a "test flight," and I've never had a better time being "tested" in my life.

How can this program be improved?
I extend the program a few extra days to build in some leisure time. All of the activities planned were incredible, but they were stacked on top of each other so there was no time in between to rest. Most of the time that was a good thing., but one or two relaxation days would have been nice to regroup.
Yes, I recommend this program


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