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We offer three Au Pair France programs. Choose the right fit for your goals!

Au Pair – Paris Region (8 to 12 months)
Live as a big-city Parisian, earn at least 90 euros per week, and enjoy home cooked meals and rent-free living with a carefully screened host family. You'll also take French language classes - a great chance to improve your proficiency while making friends in the process.

Au Pair – South of France (8 to 12 months)
Live with a French host family in chic locales like Saint-Tropez, Marseille or Nice and improve your language skills while providing up to 30 to 35 hours per week of child care. Earn a stipend of at least 100 euros per week and enjoy rent-free living and meals!

Au Pair France – Short-Term (2 to 3 months)
Spend two to three months abroad with a French host family with the option to take French classes in your free time.

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Based on their website, au pairs range from ages 18-30. Hope that helps!
To become an Au Pair in France through InterExchange you must be 18-30. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to accept an applicant of age 17.
Unfortunately not. Host families can only support one participant at a time.


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Better than I ever would have imagined!

When I left for my year abroad in France at the end of August 2014, I had enough background with the language to believe that I would adapt easily to my life there with a French family and a new culture. It was intimidating, but I felt confident getting on my plane out of Cleveland. My first few weeks with my host family were challenging, but they were consistently helpful and understanding of any difficulties I experienced. I was invited to parties with extended family, and everyone else was extremely accommodating as well. It took me about 6 months until I got comfortable enough in large groups to be at ease with my speaking and comprehension abilities. By the time I went to my host dad's birthday party in May 2015, I was convinced that I would be able to communicate with anyone I crossed paths with there. I was right! I was able to hold my own whenever necessary, understand multiple conversations at once, and respond to anyone as naturally as I would in my own language, English. I felt like I belonged there as everyone was so accepting of my place there and so kind to me throughout the evening. Now, I had plenty of opportunities to take part in tourist activities throughout Paris during my stay there, but the highlight of my whole journey was this party. It felt great to know that I had improved in my communication far better and faster than I thought possible. This was certainly all due to my magnificent host family. I will forever be grateful to them for accepting me into their home like another family member and helping me advance in so many areas of my life during my time there. I will definitely go back to see them again soon! I never dreamed that I'd have a second family in France during my lifetime!!


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