Canada is a big country, full of unique experiences and places for you to explore. Canada stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic and deep into the Arctic, its inspiring landscape is unparalleled, so think big and be prepared for the exploration of a lifetime!


Conservation organizations offer opportunities throughout the country, protecting and enhancing parks and other natural areas through a variety of activities. Volunteers are crucial in assisting these organizations to help reach their goals. These organizations work to offset our carbon footprint by researching and informing the public of environmental devastation.

Other volunteer programs aim at offering a safe place for children, working to channel their energies into positive, challenging activities that encourage personal growth, learning, community involvement and healthy living. There are plenty of after-school and weekend organizations that provide invaluable support to parents, children, and their communities.

Adventure Travel

Visit the stunning Niagara Falls in Ontario. Travel the pedestrian bridge that links Canada with the United States without the inconvenience of border patrols! Canada is great for sightseeing. Visit popular spots such as Quebec, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Explore Canada’s stunning crystal clear lakes, thousand year old glaciers, and breath-taking mountain ranges. But remember to bring a coat! Canada is the Polar Bear Capital of the World and sightings are year round. You can also see stunning Beluga Whales and catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis in Churchill.

The cities have adequate public transit, but the countryside is widespread. The distance between one to another can be daunting. Renting a car is always a good option. And remember to look up times for train rides and long distance bus rides.


Internships create extensive social networks that go a long way towards building a career. In Canada, qualified participants can be placed in a variety of locations, including Vancouver and Toronto. Participants can live in home-stays or hotels if they’re taking part in hospitality internships. Applicants must be at least 18, and certain nationality restrictions apply in regards to visa procedures.

Internships are often flexible, lasting 6-12 months and are available year-round for interested students. Students are encouraged to research available internships in Canada ahead of time.

Advance and spur your professional development! There is no better way to gain an edge in the job market than by gaining professional experience in an international setting.

Cost of Living in Canada

Canada has a strong middle class. Taxes are higher, but doctors are cheap, the streets are clean. Depending on where you live, your average income can seem lower than what you’re used to, but you can still live comfortably in Canada. Rent in Canadian cities is expense, public transit is affordable and Canada’s steady economy provides many opportunities for students and travelers alike. For more info, visit .

Culture and Etiquette in Canada

Canada draws influences from a broad range of constituent nationalities, and policies. These policies promote multiculturalism and constitutional protection. While distinct from the United States, American media and entertainment are popular, if not dominant, in English Canada. When meeting a Canadian, many of the same standards apply as with the U.S. Eye contact is important, smiling brings a sense of security and friendliness, always shakes hands. Greetings are friendly, but formal.

Health and Safety in Canada

Canada provides universal healthcare to its citizens, the system is always changing in little ways, but the basics remain the same - meeting everyone's basic healthcare needs. Physicians are readily available but rarely needed for the young traveler. Canada has no widespread diseases. So if you’re scared of needles, don’t be afraid, you don’t need tons of vaccinations to visit the country. However, you should always take precaution as Canada’s weather can be intense and hypothermia is a real concern. Stay warm, stay dry, and know your limits when traveling throughout the country. For more info, visit the website.


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