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Work and Travel Australia

Our Work & Travel Program gives you the ultimate flexibility to work and travel on your schedule.

All programs include unlimited pre-departure support in the US and in Australia . We are ready to assist you with your adventure and will help you make informed decisions on where to work, live and travel in Australia. We can even help with airfares & discounted travel insurance.

Land and be ready with our orientation programs! We have offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, even New Zealand, and your program fee includes access to all these offices and all the social events on offer.

You get 12 months access to our exclusive jobs board with jobs all over Australia in a variety of industries. Earn around $20 to $25 per hour. Whether you want to get career experience in your field or you are taking time out ... we can connect you with the jobs so you have the experience you want Down Under.

Total Flexibility & Unlimited choices - Stir up your world today!

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Airfares, Travel Insurance and Australian Visa are not included in the program fee

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24 years old

My 2 Months so far


I always wanted to visit Australia but didn't want a short vacation. I researched programs and this was a good fit for what I wanted. I went to orientation on my third day and it was really helpful. It gave me everything I needed to get organized and get my job search going. I used the office a lot and made some great friends who I plan to meet in a few months when I go to Queensland. It's nice to know that I can use the Brisbane office when I travel there. I'm working bar in downtown Sydney and I am having a blast. I am so glad I am here!

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Stir up your world Down Under and in Middle Earth!

We are the experts on work and travel abroad opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. Our programs make OZ & NZ an affordable option and range from guaranteed jobs before you leave the US to