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Valentina Masini
Everything was really good. I got a beautiful family and that make my cultural shock shorter. Learning Chinese was very interesting and I love it. Totally recommend this experience because it’s the...
Samantha Poteat
I cannot recommend this program enough. I'm 19 years old and had never left the United States before this trip. This experience opened my mind to not only Thai culture, but culture from all around the...
Esentur Salamatov
Self-Intro Hi, I'm a 4th-year university student, male, 20 years old and Asian Canadian (my parents are from Central Asia). I found out about this program through a library recruitment I came across...
Savannah Suarez
I have had the absolute best 2 months of my life. In such a short time I have grown as a person and experienced so many new things. Although I have the upper hand because my family lives here, I have...

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