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Anna Post
During my time in the Eco-Gap program, I had definite takeaways from all aspects of the program. When I first approached the possibility of taking a gap semester, I wanted to live in a place and be...
Samantha Velasquez
My experience with Verto Education was a life-altering one and arduous one. However, I could never be more grateful for what it has taught me. I realized things about myself that I didn't know before....
Anya O'Connor
I really enjoyed this program because I got to travel while also taking classes and being intellectually stimulated as well as getting credits for university. That was my dream all along. One of my...
Helene Facon
I came into this program scared of the unknown, in a new country, with a group of complete strangers. We quickly got very close and realized how much we had in common and embraced our differences. So...

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