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Find Out How to Get A Newcomers EAIE 2018 Conference Discount

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EAIE Geneva Featured

Go Overseas is excited to announce that for the first time this year we have partnered with the European Association for International Education (EAIE) to help make attending their 30th Annual Conference and Exhibition, taking place from 11-14 September in Geneva, Switzerland, even easier for professionals in the field.

EAIE Discount for First Time Attendees

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For the EAIE Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, we are pleased to offer a discount code that you can apply to your registration.

Criteria: The discount code applies to anyone who has never before attended an EAIE Conference or has not attended in the past 5 years. The discount is only valid on the non-member early bird and non-member regular fee.

If you are eligible for the discount, please use the discount code GOOVERSEAS2018 to receive 15% off your registration for EAIE Geneva 2018.

is now open and the early bird discount deadline is June 27th . You can use the discount code up until August 17th.

On the Fence? Here’s Why You Should Attend EAIE

Attending the EAIE is great for your professional and business development. With our discount code, it should be even easier to convince you it’s a worthwhile investment. In case you’re still on the fence, here are some other reasons you should attend this year.

1. Business Growth

By attending the EAIE Conference, you will create partnerships and relationships with university representatives, international educators, and like-minded professionals who want to advance the industry. You will be surprised how many great ideas and opportunities arise from spending four days with others who share your passion and energy for international education.

2. Professional Networking

In the digital age, a lot of our business can be done online -- but nothing beats a face to face meeting to really connect you with those you’ve worked with in the past (or want to work with in the future). Networking throughout the EAIE Conference will be a great opportunity to forge and strengthen professional relationships.

3. Feel the Energy You Can Only Find at Conferences

If you haven’t yet surmised, one of the main perks of attending is the chance to be completely surrounded in an environment focused on making international education efforts a success. The EAIE Conference is a great chance to attend sessions, network, and even connect after hours with others who are just as excited about you for the opportunity to attend.

4. Educational Opportunities

Lastly, you’ll have an opportunity at EAIE Geneva 2018 that you may not find at any other point throughout your year: the chance to learn about emerging trends in international education and learn from industry leaders about how your business can navigate these new frontiers. Four days full of workshops, sessions, and networking events will give you plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Say Hi to Us While We’re There!

Go Overseas will be attending EAIE Geneva 2018 this year. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us or our partners.

Ready to register?

Disclaimer: Please note that all registrations made using the discount code are subject to checks of eligibility. Not eligible registrants are liable for the outstanding balance.
Disclaimer: We have paid relationships with some of the companies linked to within this article.
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