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Find Out How to Get a Newcomers AEE+GYA 2018 Conference Discount

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Go Overseas is excited to announce that for the first time this year we have partnered with the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and the Gap Year Association (GYA) to help make attending the 2018 AEE+GYA Joint International Conference, taking place from November 7-10 in Orlando, Florida, even easier for professionals in the field.

AEE+GYA Discount for Attendees


For AEE+GYA 2018 in Orlando, Florida, we are pleased to offer a discount code that you can apply to your conference registration.

Note: This discount is available for first-time attendees or those who have not attended an AEE or GYA conference within the past three years. If you're uncertain about your eligibility, contact Porsche Linnemann, AEE Membership Manager at [email protected]

Please use the discount code GoOverseas to receive $50 off your registration cost for AEE+GYA 2018. There are also additional discounts for groups who attend, so bring together your colleagues to register for this year's event.

Registration is now open, and early bird pricing is offered until July 31, 2018! You can use the Go Overseas partner discount code until registration closes at 11:59 pm on November 6, 2018.

Here’s Why You Should Attend AEE+GYA 2018

AEE+GYA Joint International Conference

If you're a newcomer on the fence about attending the AEE+GYA Joint International Conference this year, here are four compelling reasons to register:

1. Business Growth

As you'll learn first-hand by attending AEE+GYA 2018, one of the biggest benefits of attending is the chance to grow your business. Connecting with over 900 peers in the field of experiential education will give you opportunities to develop business relationships and form partnerships that will powerfully impact your business and help you achieve your mission to create experiential educational opportunities for students

2. Professional Networking

Similarly, AEE+GYA 2018 is an opportunity to network with colleagues, swap ideas, build relationships, and connect with others in the field. By attending the event this year, you'll have the chance to put faces with the names of those peers you've known but have never met -- and you will be able to create new friendships and professional relationships for years to come.

AEE+GYA  Joint International Conference

3. Get Energized by the Industry

As AEE+GYA 2018 is the first time this joint international conference has ever been held, this is a unique opportunity to bring the whole industry of experiential educators together. Where else will you have the opportunity to celebrate, ideate, and collaborate like this?

Sharing the room with professionals who share your passion and enthusiasm for helping students receive experiential education opportunities will leave you energized and excited about the work we all do.

4. Educational Opportunities

Of course, an important part of professional events like conferences is the chance to improve your professional skills and education through meaningful keynote speakers and sessions. At the AEE+GYA Joint International Conference this year, you'll have the chance to hear keynote speakers, participate in workshops, and even attend pre-conference events that help advance your knowledge about the experiential education industry.

Say Hi to Us While We’re There!

Go Overseas will be attending the 2018 AEE+GYA Joint International Conference in Orlando, Florida this year. We are also presenting on a panel entitled "Connecting With Your Audience: Integrated Marketing Solutions that Work!" Reach out to your contact on our team to schedule a meeting with us or our partners.

Ready to register?

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