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Making Resolutions for 2018: Travel, Work, & the Go Overseas Community

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Valerie Stimac

Valerie is the Managing Editor and helps produce all of the amazing articles and guides you see on Go Overseas. She attended grad school abroad in London.

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It's hard to believe that we're already three weeks into 2018. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down at our Lake Tahoe team retreat, discussing our company plans for the coming year and our goals for the future.

In the past few weeks, we've been hard at work making Go Overseas bigger and better than it's ever been -- you may have already noticed on some of our program listing pages and articles! We're also working hard to improve Go Overseas as a company -- and ourselves as team members.

To celebrate the new year, we all set resolutions for improving our office culture and for traveling too (we are a travel company, after all!). We also asked you to share your travel resolutions too. To help keep us all accountable, here are our resolutions, and our favorites of yours that you shared with the Go Overseas community!


You probably didn't realize it, but our CTO Andrew lead our tech team to some amazing successes in 2017, including our migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. In 2018, he's got big ambitions:

  • Travel Resolution: Try to visit at least one new country. Somewhere in Africa is currently high on my list.
  • Office Resolution: Find more focused time. Less meetings, more time focused on getting the hard stuff done first.


Anna works to help our clients succeed on Go Overseas along with Michaela, whose resolutions you can find below. Her first office resolution is one of our favorites!

  • Travel Resolution: Make it to Asia (haven't been to that part of the world yet).
  • Office Resolution: Snuggle the office puppy more. Don't over-apologize (I have a bad habit of saying sorry too often). Organize one local volunteer opportunity outing for the team.


Izzy just joined our team in early January, but she wanted to get in on the fun of resolutions too! Here are the ones she set for her first year on the team:

  • Travel Resolution: Go backpacking and speak Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Office Resolution: Only meet when absolutely necessary.


Jenny joined our team in 2017 too, bringing a positive attitude and passion for the Go Overseas mission (I mean, we're all passionate, but Jenny was super-committed to joining our team!). Her resolutions even echo one of our company values!

  • Travel Resolution: Make more local friends while traveling!
  • Office Resolution: Give Myself Warm Fuzzies too


If you've been on a late-night or early morning phone call with one of the Go Overseas team, it's likely been with Joanna! While she doesn't list "keep more regular work hours" as a goal for 2018, her other resolutions are going to make it a great year:

  • Travel Resolution: Take a PAID paid vacation, and inspire members of the Go Overseas community to join in on the experience!
  • Office Resolution: Be more diligent in run club attendance!


Lauren helps keep our website looking beautiful year-round, and we hope completes this year's travel resolution so she can come back with some beautiful design inspiration:

  • Travel Resolution: Visit India for the first time!
  • Office Resolution: Spend more lunches with other team members outside and less working at my desk. Also make time for meditation club.


Maya is another new team member in 2017, and she also helped us fill our long-empty Office Dog role. Her resolutions are equally exciting:

  • Travel Resolution: Go backpacking in New Zealand!
  • Office Resolution: Take more walking meetings.


Mallory's resolutions will be no surprise to anyone who remembers when she was our community manager -- they're all about connecting with others!:

  • Travel Resolution: Convince my dad to go on an international trip with me this year
  • Office Resolution: Get lunch with everyone on the team at least once a month


Michaela brought her boss fashion sense to the office in 2017, even though every time we tell her that, she laughs about the compliment. Maybe that's why one of her work resolutions is so fitting for 2018!

  • Travel Resolution: Visit my cousin in Portugal and meet the Portuguese side of the family.
  • Work Resolution. Drink more water and get better at taking compliments!


Mitch has been working tirelessly over the past year to help steer the Go Overseas ship -- and on some fun projects we hope will help shape the future of our industry. Here are Mitch's resolutions:

  • Travel Resolution: Travel less! Trust Go Overseas team to go to more conferences in my stead.
  • Office Resolution: Eat lunch more often (with team members) and go on runs or yoga 3x per week.


Tucker works hard to guide our Partner Growth team to success -- 2017 was a big year, and he's planning an even bigger 2018! Both of his resolutions are ones the team is going to be happy to help him make happen:

  • Travel Resolution: Do a solo trip.
  • Office Resolution: Delegate more.


Valerie believes that resolutions are meant to be challenging, so she's worked hard to make her resolutions tough. Since our team loves to chat and connect with one another, her Office Resolution focuses on helping that happen more efficiently.

  • Travel Resolution: Learn to Scuba.
  • Office Resolution: Help meetings end on time.
Team Resolutions: Tahoe Team Pic

Favorite Community Resolutions

Here are some of the travel resolutions you submitted that caught our eye:

"This year I want to study in New Zealand to understand what life is like outside of the United States. I want to explore places and talk to my friends and family about my experience to hopefully encourage them to do the same!" -- Niccolo

"This year, I would love to attend a culinary school in Canada on scholarship and also do some volunteer work in my spare time." -- Adekoya

"Travel more in my own backyard! So much of NZ left to discover!" - Jordan

Each of these -- and all of the resolutions you submitted -- remind us that the world is an exciting place to live in and explore. We hope you'll continue to travel with us, and follow our journey as a company in 2018.

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