How can I teach abroad with a family / kids?

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My husband and I would love to teach in China or South Korea. We want our children to experience other cultures in the best way possible!


Hi Allison,

I actually wrote a whole long post addressing this. The short answer is YES. Here's all the information you should consider when choosing a country and school:

Hi Allison,

Great to hear you are interested in teaching abroad with your family! This is definitely an option, and easier in some countries than others.

China is a good option, as schools tend to be able to support the visas of dependents, and allow for families to live in the rent-free accommodation provided. The biggest issue with kids in China is finding schooling for them, as they cannot go to public school if they are not native Chinese, and private school can be expensive.

Otherwise, you can consider countries where accommodation is not provided (as you can find your own place with live with your family), as long as you can handle the visas for them and schooling.

Hope this helps!