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Do you love music and seek out musical experiences in every new destination you visit? If so, check out these destinations -- you can enjoy local music and culture, and give back by volunteering abroad!
France is one of the world's popular study abroad destinations -- but it's one of the more expensive destinations too. If you're curious about the total cost of studying abroad in France, learn more in this article, including tuition and cost of living estimates.
While teaching abroad, your only friends will be students and fellow teachers... right? Wrong! Learn from a fellow teacher these seven great ways to make friends while teaching abroad -- outside the classroom!
For the fourth year in a row, Go Overseas has partnered up with NAFSA, a leading conference in international education, to help make attending the conference even easier for professionals in the field.
While there's more than a semester's worth of adventure to have while studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, you can also explore the surrounding countryside -- and neighboring countries -- quite easily. Learn more about the best day and weekend trips you should plan while studying...
Ready to study abroad in Germany? Before you arrive, read more about what one student wishes she had known before her study abroad experience -- and how you can make the most of your semester in Germany.
You've decided to take a gap year -- now it's time to plan! If you know you want to choose a gap year program as part of your experience, here are the steps to consider in choosing the perfect gap year program for you.
Japan is one of the world's most popular teaching destinations -- and jobs are equally competitive. Learn from a fellow teacher who's spent a decade in Japan on all the tips you need to get a job teaching English in Japan.
While studying abroad is a chance to experience a new culture and language, you may want to study abroad even if you don't speak another language. Germany is a great destination where this is possible -- here's everything to know about how to study abroad in Germany even if you...
Setting out to volunteer abroad in a beautiful destination, ready to make a change in the world? You might be surprised how easy it is to make friends while volunteering abroad, too. Here are some tips from a fellow volunteer.

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