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Unsure what to do after graduation? Teach abroad -- now's the perfect time. Learn seven great reasons that teaching abroad is a smart career move and will help you grow as a person.
The refugee crisis is a global one; it calls for volunteers from around the world. If you feel the call to help refugees in one of the many countries where refugee relief is needed, learn everything you need to know to become a volunteer.
France: one of the world's top tourist destinations -- and one of the top study abroad destinations too! If you know you want to spend your semester in France but aren't sure where, learn more about some of the best cities for studying in France.
If you're ready to teach abroad in one of the world's most developed regions, choosing where in Europe to teach abroad can be the trickiest decision yet. Based on the number programs and popularity on Go Overseas, here are our top countries to teach English in Europe.
You're planning your gap year, and Latin America is your target destination. How do you choose where to go, among 33 countries and countless gap year programs? We're here to help -- here are the best gap year programs in Latin America, according to the Go Overseas community.
Diploma in hand, you're ready to conquer the world. If you've decided to teach abroad, your next big decision is... where? Here are 10 amazing countries that are ideal spots for new grads to teach abroad.
If your university is part of the Erasmus+ Programme, you might be curious how it all works when you decide to study abroad. Learn from a fellow student on how Erasmus+ works, how to apply, how to make the most of it, and what it's really like studying through the Erasmus+...
The best teachers know that teaching requires planning and forethought. As you embark on your career teaching abroad, learn the skills needed to create a perfect lesson plan for your ESL students.
You're ready to start looking for a teaching job abroad -- but what's this requirement about needing a TEFL certificate? If you're unsure whether you really do need a TEFL to teach abroad, here's the answer.
Gone are the days when a semester in the U.K. meant unpalatable food and warm beer. If you're studying abroad in the U.K. prepare yourself for a global food experience, including these must-try British foods and drinks.

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