Welcome, world traveler with a passion for storytelling and writing! We're glad you're here.

At Go Overseas, a core part of our mission is producing stories and other forms of content that help answer every question that travelers like you might have about studying abroad, teaching abroad, taking a gap year, or the other topics we cover. To help meet that need, we rely on writers like you to share your stories, experiences, and expertise.

Important details: For stories we publish, we expect them to be at least 1,000 words long and we pay $110 per article. Articles are assigned with a two-week deadline, so if you can't meet that schedule, please don't agree to do a story.

Before you send us a pitch, please check out our Content Guide which covers our brand voice and style. In short, we're looking for high-quality articles written by topic experts which pull the reader in, give them the best information possible, and do it in a friendly, encouraging way. Are you up for it?

Editor's Note: Please note that while we are keeping this list of topics up to day, we are currently not commissioning any stories. We plan to start commissioning new stories in September 2018. If you see a story you feel qualified to write, please reach out to us at that time.

Here are some of the stories we're currently looking for:

Study Abroad Stories:

  • Are you a U.S. study abroad advisor with expertise working to help students study abroad? Let us know!
  • Are you a person of color who has studied abroad? We're looking for someone to share their experiences.
  • Have you studied abroad as a pre-med student? We'd love to hear from you!
  • Did you maintain a long-distance relationship while studying abroad? We want to know.
  • Did you study abroad in both high school and college? We want to compare the two.
  • Have you studied abroad in New Zealand, Peru, Australia, or Portugal? Hit us up!

Teach Abroad Stories:

  • Have you taught abroad as a couple and/or with your children? We want to hear your stories.
  • Have you taught abroad in Germany, Italy, or Peru? Let us know.

Volunteer Abroad Stories:

  • Are you a Peace Corps alumni? We'd love to share your experiences.
  • Have you participated in a medical volunteer program? We want to hear about it.
  • Have you volunteered with pandas 🐼 or elephants 🐘? We're looking for someone with either of these experiences.
  • Have you volunteered abroad as a family? We want to hear about it.
  • Have you participated in volunteer work in Haiti, Malaysia, Spain, or Taiwan? We want to share your story!

Intern Abroad Stories:

  • Have you done an internship in Europe or South America? Let us know!
  • Have you done a finance, marketing, or photography internship abroad? We want to hear about it!

Gap Year Stories:

  • Did you work as an au pair in Europe, in more than one country? Let us know.
  • Have you taken a religious or art-focused gap year program? We'd love to hear from you!
  • Did you take all or part of your gap year in Germany, Israel, or Japan? We'd like to share your story!

High School Abroad Stories:

  • Did you study abroad in high school and in college? Let us know!
  • Did you do an internship abroad in high school? We want to hear about it!

Language School Abroad Stories:

  • Have you done a language learning program over the summer? Let us know!
  • What to Know about Learning Russian Abroad
  • What to Know About Learning Arabic Abroad

TEFL Course Stories:

  • Have you taken a TEFL course in the Czech Republic, Guatemala, Italy, or Vietnam? Let us know!

Do you have the experience to write one of these stories? Email our editor Valerie with the story idea as your subject line! We look forward to sharing your story with the Go Overseas community.

(Last updated: July 6th, 2018)