What is the Go Overseas Mission?

Our mission is to empower more people to spend meaningful time overseas. In pursuit of our mission, we strive to:

  • Create transparency

    Our ratings and reviews system helps you to find good programs (and avoid the bad ones). We value constructive, honest feedback about programs as much as we do glowing reviews.

  • Inspire together

    We’re a community of travelers inspiring new travelers through stories and reviews. We pay it forward, traveler to traveler. Our millennial-minded community believes in creating a better world through travel and encouraging everyone they know to go on programs that include meaningful cultural exchange.

  • Travel differently

    We’re not afraid of taking a stand: cruises and all-inclusive vacations should not take precedence over impactful travel. We favor long journeys and exploration to vacations and escapism. As far as we’re concerned, a new perspective is the ultimate souvenir.

  • Make no excuses

    We challenge you to have an I can do this mentality. We believe in you, and we have resources to help you. Don’t be the “Maybe next year” person or the “I wish I had” person. Be the “I’m going to make it happen” person. No excuses, you can find a way to go overseas.

Why Was Go Overseas Started?

As a company of travelers -- who have studied, worked, taught, lived and volunteered overseas -- we know what a stressful and difficult experience it is to find reliable information about programs abroad. Most people have more information when they buy a TV from Best Buy than when they choose a study or volunteer abroad program. That’s a big risk to take when you’re flying halfway across the world, not to speak of the financial commitment. This was a problem we wanted to solve with Go Overseas.

What Makes Go Overseas Different?

There aren’t other comparable websites. Other sites are what we call ‘yellow pages,’ because they are basically a listings site. There’s a ton of different information out there which makes it really hard to tell the reputable, honest organizations from the fly-by-night programs. That’s why we go right to the source and get you information from people who have been there.

Go Overseas Team Photo

Perhaps even more importantly, we care a lot about what we do. We are a small company of 20-and-30-something travelers who come to work every day with the goal of getting more people to go out in the world and have the experiences we had. From teaching in Thailand to volunteering in Tanzania and studying in England, our team has done it all -- and we want you to too.